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Ozone Dental Treatments: Less Invasive, More Effective

Smiling woman outdoors

A big part of our practice’s philosophy is using the most conservative methods possible to help our patients. Our goal is to keep your smile and your body as pure and natural as when you came to our office. Because of this, we like to utilize an array of treatments known as ozone therapy. Ozone, or O3, is enriched oxygen. It is just as safe as the air you are breathing now, and in our office, it provides a number of functions that can help protect and enhance your smile in the gentlest way possible.

How is Ozone Used in Dentistry?

Closeup of patient receiving ozone treatment

Ozone has all sorts of applications in dentistry and healthcare in general, but in our office, we like to use it in a few particular ways:

Through the strategic use of ozone water, gas, and oil, we can help you preserve more of your natural teeth as well as enjoy a more comfortable dental experience. To learn more about ozone therapy and what it could do for you, contact us today.