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William J. Twohig, DDS Blog

Which Thanksgiving Side Dishes Are Bad For Teeth?

November 9, 2022

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Thanksgiving food

As you sit down at your grandmother’s Thanksgiving table this year, you may find yourself surveying the plethora of food in front of you. From turkey, ham, and mashed potatoes to candied sweet potatoes, casseroles, cranberry sauce, and of course, pie, it’s likely you are already thinking about seconds…or thirds. But before you start piling things onto your plate, have you considered which foods might not be so good for your oral health? Whether this thought has crossed your mind, find out which side dishes you might want to avoid or significantly limit this holiday season.


Covered vs. Not Covered: What You Should Know About Dental Insurance

October 12, 2022

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money and a calculator and a tooth

When learning you need a root canal, you are not only overcome by the reality of having to undergo this type of procedure, but you begin to wonder if you’re even covered by your dental insurance for such treatment. Will they step in to ensure your expenses are lowered, or will you be required to pay out of pocket, resulting in your saving quickly dwindling? A dentist explains the basics surrounding dental insurance and what you can expect to be covered versus services that will require you to seek alternative ways to pay.


3 Cavity Prevention Tips For Halloween

October 3, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drtwohig @ 2:00 pm
kids with Halloween candy

Cavity prevention during Halloween might seem like a lost cause. Why? Because let’s be honest, kids love candy. But as parents, we don’t have to let sugary treats get the best of our children’s smiles this holiday season. Instead, a local dentist shares three helpful tips that are designed to not only let little ones enjoy some of the goodies that end up in their trick-or-treating bags but also keep their smiles safe.


Do I Have a Cavity Between My Teeth?

September 6, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drtwohig @ 6:11 pm
woman dealing with a cavity

No one wants to hear that they have a cavity, but what if instead of it existing on the surface, it is actually between two of your teeth? How is this even possible? While you sit back and think about how decay is capable of forming in such a small area, a local dentist is here to explain how these occur, how you can know one has formed, and what you can do to avoid cavities between your teeth in the first place.


How Much Can I Expect Scaling and Root Planing to Cost?

August 16, 2022

Filed under: Uncategorized — drtwohig @ 9:27 pm
patient undergoing scaling and root planing

Learning that you require periodontal therapy may not be the most exciting news you’ll hear, but the truth is that without it, your gum tissue can worsen over time. The good news is that your dentist offers a solution that is proven effective at eliminating bad oral bacteria and encouraging gum reattachment. But what is the expected scaling and root planing cost in Weyauwega? Your dentist is here to explain.

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