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Do I Have a Cavity Between My Teeth?

September 6, 2022

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woman dealing with a cavity

No one wants to hear that they have a cavity, but what if instead of it existing on the surface, it is actually between two of your teeth? How is this even possible? While you sit back and think about how decay is capable of forming in such a small area, a local dentist is here to explain how these occur, how you can know one has formed, and what you can do to avoid cavities between your teeth in the first place.


How Much Can I Expect Scaling and Root Planing to Cost?

August 16, 2022

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patient undergoing scaling and root planing

Learning that you require periodontal therapy may not be the most exciting news you’ll hear, but the truth is that without it, your gum tissue can worsen over time. The good news is that your dentist offers a solution that is proven effective at eliminating bad oral bacteria and encouraging gum reattachment. But what is the expected scaling and root planing cost in Weyauwega? Your dentist is here to explain.


4 Ways to Guarantee a Positive Dental Exam

August 5, 2022

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girl visiting dentist for a dental checkup

Now that it is time for your child to head back to school, you’ll want to make sure their teeth and gums are in the best possible shape. You don’t want to have to take them out of class to go and see the dentist because of consistent cavities and toothaches, so before their weekly schedules get busy, here are four ways you and your child can make sure their next dental exam is a success.


Life with Implant Dentures: How to Adjust to Your New Smile

July 14, 2022

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woman with implant dentures

Living with implant dentures in Weyauwega is a fun and exciting change for individuals who once suffered from tooth loss. The incompleteness of a “normal” smile combined with the difficulties that can come with eating and speaking can make a person lose much of their self-esteem. However, once permanent prosthetics are firmly in place, life begins to take on a whole new meaning. But what about those initial days, weeks, and months after implant placement? A local holistic dentist explains what patients can do when adjusting to their new smiles.  


What To Do If You Suffer a Dental Injury While On Vacation

May 1, 2022

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woman at the beach smiling

It’s that time of year when you log off your work computer, pack your bags, and head out for a family vacation. Whether it’s the beach or the mountains that offer the greatest sense of relaxation, there are a few things you need to remember when it comes to your smile. Because dental injuries do not only occur while at home, an emergency dentist explains how to handle these types of situations while you’re away.

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