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Don’t DIY Your Dentures! Here’s Why Professional Realignment Matters

February 13, 2024

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man smiling with dentures in mouth

Modern dentures can fit so snugly that you might forget you’re wearing them. Yet, there comes a point when they start to slip or cause discomfort. This usually means it’s time for a denture realignment. While DIY kits are available, it’s best to have this task completed by professionals. Read on to learn why you should steer clear of DIY denture realignment!

Why Do Dentures Require Relining?

Tooth loss isn’t just about appearances. Even losing a single tooth can lead to a 25% reduction in jawbone size within the first year. Over time, this jawbone shrinkage continues due to the lack of stimulation from tooth roots. This not only alters your facial structure but also changes the shape of your gums. Since dentures don’t adjust to these changes on their own, regular realignments are necessary.

What Does Denture Relining Involve?

Denture realignment aims to ensure a snug fit. Your dentist takes an impression of your existing denture, which is then sent to a dental lab. New pink material fills in the gaps where your gums have shifted. Fortunately, most dental labs can complete this process on the same day, so you won’t be without teeth for long.

Can I Realine My Dentures at Home?

While it’s technically feasible to realign your dentures at home, dental professionals generally advise against it. Realignment involves both art and science to achieve a precise fit. Any mistakes can result in painful sores or inflammation. Moreover, DIY attempts may create pressure points that can lead to cracks or breakage in your dentures. Ill-fitting dentures can also cause jaw pain and make it challenging to eat certain foods. Given that dentures represent a significant investment, it’s wiser to seek professional assistance to ensure an accurate fit.

Why You Should Consider a Long-term Solution

If you’re tired of dealing with slipping dentures and irritation, it may be time to explore the benefits of implant dentures. These involve titanium posts inserted into the jaw to act as new tooth roots. Not only does this halt bone loss, but it also provides a stable foundation for your dentures. With support from your jawbone, you can regain up to 70% of your biting force. Offering a success rate of over 95% and a lifespan of 30 years or more, implant dentures eliminate the need for frequent realignments or replacements.

Regardless of your choice, it’s best to rely on dental professionals for your oral care needs. They can provide personalized solutions to help you maintain your smile’s health and beauty!

About Dr. William Twohig

Dr. William Twohig has committed his career to dentistry, exploring innovative approaches to patient care. His team is proud to provide dentures to patients needing to replace multiple missing teeth or an entire arch. If you have any questions about denture realignment, visit our website or call (534) 429-5965 to schedule an appointment.

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